Inspired Wellness Collective

At the Inspired Wellness Collective (IWC), we offer tailored mental health programs to reduce stress, increase happiness and live longer, more fulfilled lives.
The workshops we offer include the following and we would work with you to tailor a program that perfectly meets the needs of your community and aligns with your values
1.     Overcoming Overwhelm - Practical strategies to manage overwhelm and anxiety, including breathwork, meditation, tapping, and stretching.
2.     Mental Health workshop-we offer strategy sessions and the benefits of daily Journaling plus each person receives one of our better today journals to take home.
3.     Nutrition - Easy 'whole food' recipes designed to improve gut health and eliminate artificial colours and synthetic ingredients.
4.     Creative workshops - Tools to help you unwind from the daily stress and reset your brain, develop new skills, boost creativity and promote mindfulness by immersing yourself in the present and developing lateral thinking.
5.     Art Therapy - As participants create art, they may analyze what they have made and how it makes them feel. Through exploring their art, people can look for themes and conflicts that may be affecting their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Each class is programmed using art therapy principles and using art as a mindfulness activity
6.     Parent and child development workshops - We empower parents with knowledge on all areas of their child's development with our expert team of Allied Health professionals which include Sensory Motor Experts, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, Midwives, and Behavioral Optometrists.
7.     Mindset Mentoring - Overcome negative self-talk, fear of failure and increase confidence and self-acceptance via journaling, positive affirmations, goal setting, and vision boarding.

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