Collection: Me Time - Unleash your Inner Goddess

She’s in there. Buried underneath the distractions and the ‘busyness’.
Waiting patiently for you to remember her, reflect and reconnect with her.

Your Inner Goddess deserves the opportunity to shine. How do you let that happen?
knowledge that you deserve some uninterrupted “Me Time”.
Some space to reflect, invest in self-care and be supported and nurtured by a circle of women.

A Goddess isn't a super woman who does it all, she acknowledges her needs and gives herself permission to ‘be’, to invest some time into herself each day. Our Inner Goddess Circles will provide a safe and sacred space for you to reconnect with yourself and to be with your thoughts and emotions.

Presented by Healthy Vibes Hunter Valley and Nature and Nurture NSW

Dates coming soon 2024
Tuckers Lane, North Rothbury NSW 2335

Week1 - Returning to your Heart Circle

Together we’ll explore the power of tapping into ultimate self-love. We’ll cocoon ourselves with kindness and open our hearts to truly loving ourselves. During this two-hour experience we will share, create, explore and deeply relax into the moment.
You will leave circle feeling nourished, recharged, inspired and connected to other women.
Women have been gathering in circle since ancient times.  Now it’s your turn to experience the magic of women coming together with a shared intention to celebrate each other and raise each other up. Together let’s pamper your heart space, connect with your soul and allow yourself to fall in love with you.

Week 2 - Releasing and Cleansing Circle

Today we’ll learn how to clear the negative energy from our bodies  - a cathartic and healing experience - as well as how to cleanse the energy in a room by conducting a smudge stick ritual. 
This will open your mind and heart to an inner goddess meditation and visualisation, allowing you to connect deeply with your feelings and intuition. 

Week 3- Therapeutic Art Circle

For many, art is inherently therapeutic. The act of creating is a form of self-care, and it can release a sense of calm and bring stillness to our internal chatter. We all know the feeling of losing track of time when we enter into our creative flow state. In this circle you will experience the power of Neurographic art - a practice rooted in psychology and also linked into meditation.

Week 4 - Nature and the Divine Feminine Circle

This circle will take us on a journey into our divine feminine and how our menstrual cycle is connected to the lunar energies.  You’ll learn how your hormones influence your mood, emotions, your levels of productivity and the foods you crave during the phases of your cycle.  We’ll lean into the wisdom of our ancestors and how they honoured the natural rhythms of the female body with kindness and compassion.

Week 5  - Rituals and Manifestation Circle

Together we’ll celebrate our final women's circle by manifesting what we desire and creating some simple rituals to help you stay connected to your Inner Goddess.